2017/ORD/Pre UK

I’m really excited for this new phase in life!!

Actually I have wanted to blog about 2017 Resolutions but I have been really lazy and there’s honestly no point since these resolutions tend to be so fleeting and I lack determination. Now that I have ORD, might as well use this time to truly reflect on the changes/improvements in 2016. In 2016, I felt devastated for being posted to Hendon Camp and has such a meaningless vocation as Finance Clerk. The workload is pretty huge so time passes by really fast but whenever I look at my peers that are in a combat vocation, I can’t help but feel envious at the bonds they form and the experiences they have. Phhf but it’s all over now that I have ORD.

Anyway, mid way to 2016 I was really determined to make my life more meaningful so, I gave tuition to 4 different students and had like 5-6 classes a week lolol. Okay not exactly meaningful but I occupied myself and kept myself active while earning $$$$$. It really pays well haha. To end 2016, I invested more time into Carousell, mahjong, tennis and volunteering.

Nevertheless, my time management sucks and I failed to

  • Learn Spanish
  • Develop an exercise routine

Now that I have ORD I have been tidying up my entire house and preparing for UK departure 😦 donating/carousell things I wouldn’t need/ be using anymore and slowly getting all the UK things ready – visa/bank account/accommodation etc. When I am writing this, it’s about 190 days more to go.

Concurrently, I have applied to Carousell (Community Intern), International Enterprise (Intern) and MOE (Relief Teaching) and am waiting for their response 🙂

And and, to Mediterranean 2017 in 60 days!




















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