Malaysia (KL/JB) 2016

( I’ve reached by 3GB free memory on WordPress. I’ll probably quit WordPress soon as I can no longer upload photos without deleting ones that I uploaded in the past. What a shitty platform. However, since I have already typed out this last post I’ll just post it)

Alrite so it has been almost half a year since I used my passport… There was a week interlude between KL and JB but since they are pretty close I’m gonna wordpress them together?

It was my first time to KL and man the bus ride was a horrible commute. Although the seats were really lush and nonfunctional massage chairs, there were so many Indian nationals on my bus it took over an hour to clear the custom. The bus ride took almost 7 hours, and headed straight to Berjaya Times Square. We had tea break, supposedly lunch at Nonya Colours as recommended by a Malaysian. The Chicken Rendang ($3+) was the best I have ever eaten and I’m pissed that I couldn’t find Nonya Colors in JB.

After tea break, my dad’s friend drove us out of the city centre to Mini Genting where we had Thai food at the mountain top. The streets were ghastly as we moved out of the CBD. Not that I am a prude but I was expecting more since it’s the capital you know. We had some really odd dishes, albeit tasty ones – fern??? Who the heck eats fern, I felt like it was piercing my throat with each swallow. I wish  I had taken a photo of the food but it felt quite embarrassing to do so in front of guests. The kampong chicken was so bony but I guess its sweetness compensated for that. And the highlight of the evening was the baby, just look at the grandness of its head. I have some good vibes that he will grow up to be incredibly intelligent and a fellow Singaporean in time. His mood was so capricious throughout, he was crying for 1 sec and laughing at the next when I cuddled it).

I realised there is plenty of interstate movement in Malaysia. So this couple works in KL and Singapore, lives in JB and originate from ?? (the state between JB and KL). It seems like a waste of time travelling hours on the road each day but a necessary evil to achieve a higher salary.

We went to Pavilion KL and there was a striking similarity between its entrance and Somerset 313’s entrance. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at the number of restaurants they have, some with Michelin stars too. It was around 10pm but many of the shops at the basement were still open. We bought pastries from Lavender (I saw another branch in JB City Square Mall).

I ordered as much as I could possibly eat, all for $20 per person. Following an afternoon nap (don’t even know why I was tired), we visited KLCC and the Petronas Towers. Too bad it was closed for maintenance for over a month. For dinner/supper we ate at this famous Bak Kuh Teh shop plastered with pictures of the ladyboss along Jay Chou and JJ Lin.


JB was basically a food splurging session –



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