Vietnam 2015

Day 1 (08/12/15)

It’s my first time to Vietnam and we visited Danang and Hoi An. We checked in at Sanouva Hotel in the city centre and it’s really affordable as it includes complementary massage. Finding hygienic food in Vietnam is a challenge but we settled for some local pho and fried spring rolls (2 dollars per person?!). It was horrible tho and according to the boss the cooking style differed between Danang and Hanoi, perhaps that explains why…

Day 2 (09/12/15)


We went to Big C (this Thai supermarket) and a Hong Kong restaurant for lunch (everything is like 1/2 of what you would have paid in singapore). Spent the entire afternoon sleeping and walked to the Dragon bridge in the evening. I’m really shocked at the lack of traffic lights and laws?? There’s like a dozen motorcycle scooting to where you are at every junction but one observation is that they avoid you like how fishes avoid sharks.

Ate at this Japanese Korean restaurant and the service is damn good like soo overstaffed.

Day 3 (10/12/15)

We joined a day tour ( Hoi An Express) and in retrospect it’s kinda pricey considering how cheap  the labour is ?? 55USD per person for 5 hours (with 3 hours spent on the car…). We visited the marble mountain where there were tons of Hindu and Buddhists statues, graves, pagodas and caves. I really like the marble sculpture I wanna ship some back to singapore. They even do Roman pillars and Greek gods how tasteful.  Needless to say, this 67m guan yin is made from marble. You could see it kilometers away (refer to the last 2 days) We had lunch at Lang Co resort (it’s very new and only the seafood restaurant is open). Afterwards it was kinda like a road trip up a mountain ( thua thien hue ) to some American fortress. The view was stunning as we traced the mountain’s contour alongside the ocean. Checked in at Nova Villa at a village near the city centre (Hoi An). One observation, Koreans love this place like 50% of tourists are from Korea and another 45% from Europe and America. Perhaps that is why I got mistaken as a Korean so often. We kinda got cheated by the local authorities to pay to enter a section of the village (which was the highlight of the village). Actually, one needs to buy tickets to enter 5 attractions in that particular section (which none was to our interests) but these conmen said otherwise. Well it’s not really corruption either since the money goes into preserving the attractions . Dinner was at Sau Restaurant and it’s really good! Beer is only 30 cents. The night market is a must and I’ve witnessed how good Asians are at bargaining. Perhaps the westerners didn’t bother since it would have been dirt cheap in their currency but we paid half of what they did.

Day 4 (11/12/15)

We visited My Son, some Hindu worshipping site and a designated UNESCO heritage site. It’s about an hour drive away from the village. We had some Vietnamese noodles for lunch and it didn’t suit my taste. I’m glad Vietnam used to be a French colony. Look at these cakes pavlova creme brulee paris brest at approx $3!! Ok I feel quite guilty for putting down Vietnamese food when I’m in Vietnam… Dinner was at Sau Restaurant again and it’s really good (not forgetting the massage I did before that at the shop beside) albeit slow. Dropped one of these boats which I feel guilty for polluting the river but the grandma selling looked so pitiful… Hoi An is really happening, there are bars with English songs catered to tourists everywhere. Motorcycles and bicycles could be rented everywhere at $6 and $2 respectively. I wish to return again with people who would want to rent bicycles to explore the village and visit cham islands where you can dive!! 

Day 5 (12/12/15)

We stayed in the other side of Danang near My Khe Beach instead of the city centre. Ala Carte Hotel had an infinity pool and is located just a road across the beach. The view from our room was just as nice and we could see the guanyin 24/7 lol. Lunch was from family Indian restaurant #3 on tripadvisor but stay away from pastas. Slept the afternoon away again… Dinner was at Draft Beer, a seafood restaurant near our hotel and I hate our people can smoke inside the restaurant like super inconsiderate you are ruining the aroma of the dishes. Heineken at $1.20. I don’t like beer but it’s too cheap to not order it. Although it’s Saturday the streets and restaurants are mainly empty I’ve no idea where everyone went , it’s supposed to be a city of 1million people.


Day 6 (13/12/15)

Tried the #1 restaurant on Tripadvisor, My Casa. It’s a Spanish Italian restaurant and was pricey relative to other restaurants. The beef stew special, home made pasta and sauce were amazing though. Afterwards it was so similar to day 1 ?? Parents wanted to return to Sanouva Hotel for spa, Big C and the Hong Kong Restaurant for dinner I don’t even know why.. Laska in lounge at 1am is sinful…


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